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WHAPguy Male 74 Gay Play partner - switch
Single gay male, living in the country in South Central Minnesota, near the little town of Amboy. I do visit the Twin Cities every 1-2 months. I hope to move back up there eventually, and I might also be willing to relocate elsewhere. I like both giving and receiving spanking, but doing the spanking is more of a mental turn-on. Trading spanks can be a lot of fun. I start with a PLAYFUL attitude, but I like HARD swats, with a variety of IMPLEMENTS, and I can get SERIOUS if needed or wanted! I would take it slow and easy with NEWBIES (evil grin) -- limits respected and safewords acceptable. Since many spankguys prefer DISCIPLINE scenes, I am now into both giving and, um ... getting longer, more intense spankings. I like the idea of MUTUAL ACCOUNTABILITY spanking, where two buddies get together to account and attone for their failings, MAN-TO-MAN. That is more appealing to me than the usual Dad/son roleplay, but I would give the DAD part my best effort. Birthdays, initiations, lockerroom, jail? Traffic stop? Bend over the hood of the squad car, NOW, MISTER! What's your scene? OTHER KINK can be hot with the right guy, and I am open to suggestions. 'Rarely submissive but often willing!' Sexually, I am more of a bottom these days, but I am an assertive and active one. I welcome new friends, including couples, and finding a nice man for an LTR again would make me very happy. I can host, and in warm weather, can be naked outdoors, deck, barn, sheds, woods. In the Cits or elsewhere, I do need you to host. I try to go to the gym 4 x week. Photos were taken between August, 2008 at niece's wedding, and both a barn party and PRIDE in June, 2011. I am 'homoflexible' for spanking but not sex. Some of the most colorful pics of my spanked and caned ass were done by a woman at mixed play parties! Always looking for other pics of me, dressed or undressed, especially during spanking scenes, especially as top, or at my gym.
St. Paul Minnesota

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