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William Male 65 Bisexual Friends
...the game is a foot, and life is the prize! I for one need to see more of it: I am looking for a boy with a sense of adventure - for a living relationship - of a year or so - for business and pleasure. I plan to head to where the trees are legal and the doses are fresh! I am a fine chef and like to grow my own herbs and veggies when I can.<no alcohol> I like backpacking, camping, canoes & whitewater, four wheeling and flying through any substance. Winter sports include skiing, tobogganing, sleds - boarding is something I have not done yet, but will do. Musically, I like Trance and music you can dance too as I like to dance. I am not a fan of Opera, Country or Rap, with the exception of M&M. I like ambient, rock, classical, indie, the list goes on and Herr music runs through me non-stop. I am a Warrior of the Light and plan on leading us to the stars! Peace, Will
Franklin Lakes New Jersey

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