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Yogi91 Male 29 Gay Silver Daddy
I'm pretty geeky. Video games, computers, electronics, Dungeons and Dragons (yes I do play and it's awesome), you name it. I like to read (mostly fantasy novels). Some of my hobbies are those listed above, hanging out with friends, and driving. I like to take long drives to clear my head mostly durin the night. I don't have a destination, I just drive until I want to go home. I love hairy men and daddies. Facial hair is my biggest turn on. Body type isn't something I'm picky on, but I prefer men with the bearish body type. I'm really a vers/bottom, but I'm a sub bottom at heart. I'm ultimately looking for an LTR. I do enjoy NSA sex and FWBs, so if that's what you're into message me!
DUPONT Washington

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