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Looking for mature gent / mentor.
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Younger_Gent Male 47 Gay Relationship
I am looking for that special mature gent /father figure / mentor. Ideally with some dom/sub, kinky aspects (Houseboy?). I do fancy dress uniforms and boots - they are just bit hard to incorporate to everyday life. Suit and smart casual are much more accepted. *While Finland is fairly open society regarding gay relationships (we just had a openly gay - in committed partnership - came second in presidential elections.) we are a small nation and bit isolated geographically. This makes finding that significant other bit hard here. My long term goal is to find LTR and relocate .. US in general and california/florida specially , Spain Madrid/Barcelona/Other? *I do enjoy wearing a suit with similarly attired company. I have a history of active outdoor lifestyle - In this functionality dictates over style while attire is concerned. I do regard dom/sub arrangement as a symbiotic relationship. I do have desires and limits but these are best discussed privately.
Vantaa Finland

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