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Minnesota dad looking for a son-type young man.
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a56573 Male 70 Bisexual Relationship
I love the outdoors, I am a country man with lots of room to roam. I am hoping to establish a relationship with a younger man in the area. If you are outside the area, but travel, then maybe we can chat or e- mail. I don't particularily like to travel, but if you are out of the area and would like to come for a visit, that would be fine. I am a writer of sorts. I love gardening. I have a small greenhouse, many gardens and would like to mentor young men about gardening. I like controlled fires such as camp fires, bon fires, patio fires, brush fires. I like to have a fire a week. I'm a tinkerer, like fishing, canoeing, hiking,and just about anything outdoorsy. I'm interested in building a gapahuk and a treehouse, so if you have any experience with either or both and would like to help, let me know.
Perham Minnesota

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