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Clean boy seeking for a daddy/boy relationship.
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adventure Male 24 Gay Relationship
I am smooth, sexy, confident, smart, funny, moderately naughty boy seeking for a dominant dad to serve both sexually and domestically. Not here for cam/phone sex. No Skype, Y! Etc...Very good looking boy shaved and clean boy seeking for a daddy/boy relationship. I have a long high sex drive. I am seeking a dad with imagination who always come up with something new in bed and are always ready to try new positions, techniques or places for sex careful men with sense of humor and mindful of ideas how spend moment together in bed. I prefer much older guys for the real things and help me relocate with him for a proper service. I have been in this lifestyle for some years. I am willing of relocating to anywhere to meet my Dad and serve him. I have a limits and a lot of experiences, I am into banging, spanking, whipping, anal and oral sex, domestic use, punishments but willing to have a dominant that can push me more than my limits. I am ideally looking for a Long term, daddy/boy relationship as I prefer to build a relationship rather than one off meetings....If you think you fit the bill get in touch let’s talk and see what happens....Only genuine Dad needed. Please Don’t Contact me if you have no desire or intention of helping me relocating to meet you up at some point please don't waste my time
Brighton United Kingdom

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