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Manly and fit bottom boy
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amilcar Male 25 Gay Relationship
I am a normal, manly guy, I love to swim, movies, read, cook, like to travel when I have the chance, go out for some coffe or just to take a walk. I am a sub guy clear as water, but if you spect a brainless lump I am not your guy, I like to talk and give my opinion, but I know my man have the last saying always. This might sound like a cliche, but I rater a man with a strong temperament and personality (an alpha male would be perfect), I like a man that is in charge and is wise, and yes I am a sub bottom but I like a man that listens. I tend to prefer a hairy or very hairy man, bigger and taller than me, but believe me, if you have the attitude you have my attention. Please, I don't like fem guys, I just want to meet real man, wanting to have a boy to take care of them and to love him. I like a very sexual man but get the wrong idea, I don't think as sex as the base of a relationship, and you won't be my guy if you care how long is your dick more than how amazing is your brain, so, I like to say what I think please you say whatever you want always, I am a man and I can take it, that is very important to me, I like a man that treat me as a man always, I am not a girl, and never will be, even if my caracter is tender and submissive. ANYTHING YOU WANT PLEASE ASK, the hard and tough questions are better first, so you know who I am.
Ciudad de México Mexico

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