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ankh Male 69 Gay Relationship
Hey thanks for at least stopping by for a look, yeah I know not much to look at. I don’t claim to be Hot or handsome, rich, or have nice things just a simple man up in age and alone looking for a friend that has the same or close to the same interests. I like to explore up in the mountains looking for caves like the one in the photo places where most don’t go you can’t find anything cool if someone already been there. I have other interests if you want to know what they are just ask. All photo's were taken by me in the wild not in any Park. If you think this would be something your interested in doing with an old gay man hit me up. P.S. if your just looking for a one nighter you’ll have to be really HOT and we both know that isn’t going happen lol If you don't care for beards it comes off I'm thinking of shaving it off New Years anyhow. You know I add all these photo's hoping there would be someone that has some Balls and looking for some adventure but I guess you all can't see past your smart phones and Xbox so just keep on being what the government wants SHEEP!
Cody Wyoming

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