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babebear520 Male 38 Gay Relationship
I am just a normal guy with a beautiful dream that is can find my man honestly i fed up to have sex with different guy cos after thatmy heart felt worse,cos i just wanna give my love and give all my things for my man only wanna for him,so i stop all the sex just wait for him,i told my friend,that i wanna find a man then spend all my life with him they laugh at me,they said that is impossible,i feel sad but nothing is impossible i will do ,although i am a young boy but i do wanna only spend and give all my love to one man even no sex i think that is a great thing what i can do.i know that is hard so i am working very hard and make myself busy and wait for my man ,i trust sure there is someone who wanna the same and who think the same as me,i believe there is miracle . anyway i like music movie singing cooking travel all the sports and i have a lot of romantic ideas to do with my man,and dont understand me cos i am not wanna a sugar da ddy cos i know everybody need independence that is the meaming of yr life i dont wanna depend on others,but i do want to try my best to be great to my man. and i live in China so if u like to travel u can visit me and i will take a good care of u ,honestly i have a not bad apartment so u can live with me then i can cook nice chinese food for u :) if u like me just feel free contact me .
London United Kingdom

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