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babycub Male 29 Bisexual Relationship
Hello, I am bbabycub My real age is 28 now. I am looking for a daddy/big bro who can care me and also strict to teach me everything. I am sweat and loyalty boy. I will like a daddy who can treat me like real little boy baby talk to me. give me bubble bath and clean me than gentle put me back in my diapee. Of course! Daddy/big bro can be strict. have some rules for baby and when baby naughty doing punishment for sure. also tease me like baby any time. In the public make me embarrassing so i will have red face like an apple. Or even humiliate me...always make me feel little. like real baby boy let daddy charge everything! I like cartoon,game and all kind of cute stuff! sometimes naughty,bossy also silly (thats why need a daddy guide me :) ) Love diapee very much! also want to try the clothes diapee. open to do lots things depends daddy (enema,bondage...etc.) OutsidĀ­e of my diĀ­apered life I like travel, play games and be mascot(or fursuit) I am asian so my English not really well...but that make me more like little not understand grown ups said :) Will move to US really soon!!! Fly to US 2021 Jan. Of course! If find the right one I can relocate move to daddy. Thanks for reading. feel free to send me message. == Results from == 100% Submissive 100% Slave 100% Degradee 100% Boy/Girl 100% Ageplayer 97% Pet 85% Rope bunny 75% Non-monogamist 75% Rigger 61% Exhibitionist 61% Primal (Hunter) 59% Primal (Prey) 54% Experimentalist 45% Voyeur 43% Vanilla 43% Daddy/Mommy 37% Brat 37% Brat tamer 33% Masochist 11% Dominant 0% Degrader 0% Owner 0% Master/Mistress 0% Sadist 0% Switch
T'ai-ch'ang Taiwan

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