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dad looking for a good/bad boi to spend my life with
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bigdkleotop Male 47 Gay Relationship
I am a daddytype truck driver that loves his bois/sons I want one guy that is masculine athletic to swimmers build that could potentially drive a truck or be my co pilot I love big dicks tats but clean cut at same time, for a real relationship but love to play too when I am single I am into oral, deepthroat, swallowing, love to eat fresh clean ass, love fucking boi hole bare and on occasion like to get fucked I am hiv neg std free and plan to stay that way, I am rather dominant but not in an abusive way not into scat beating up someone I am just dominant if you really want something real lets talk. on the road you would be my son, partner, lover, husband with all benefits I can provide, but cant be lazy, and you would be on truck when I am out enjoying my apartment when not through all this you would be under my control 24 hrs a day, I want one on one relationship I own you you own me that's how it works you are a boi not a toy for everyone to ride take some damn pride in yourself
Myrtle Beach South Carolina

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