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Sorted, laid back and completely comfortable
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blend69 Male 72 Gay Fuck Buddy
Sorted, laid back and completely comfortable with life - prof male. Non scene (got too many `Tee Shirts` already) and looking for new friend / partner to share - well lots of things together - particularly a bottle of wine on the couch. If you are tall dark and handsome thats a definite plus, although I have always found its crazy to rule anything out - as more than once in my life I have had big surprises about the sort of male that gets my attention - so long as you are younger than me, and a dream to look at. LOL -one day I will learn to curb my imagination. The pic is me and recent...I really do look like that...sorry ;) I am an Aquarian, and if you believe that stuff...then you will find that I am just plain typical...if you believe. Personal hygiene is really high on my list of priorities If you want to chat ...
London United Kingdom

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