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blondie1983 Male 37 Gay Relationship
Just another young gay guy looking for his daddy, what can I say, older guys are hot! While I'm not idling on this site I've my head in a book trying my damnedest to become a nurse, and working part time in a lovely little bar in Ards. Am not going to write a whole speil in this box, although I can be a bit of a chatterbox in person. But if there's anything you'd like to know then drop me a line, and while pics are greatly appreciated (as it's good to know who you're talking to), no 'tackle' pics please. I'd prefer to get to know you before I see 'little you'! Am looking for a decent guy, no gameplayers. Not really interested in actors, straight or otherwise, just be yourself! I'm usually up for a laugh and a good time, I work hard and enjoy going out or staying in. As long as the company's good I don't mind where we are.
Belfast United Kingdom

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