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I am looking for a LTR here is more about me and my ideal partner. I am a very romantic very loving person. My friends and other people tell me I am a great catch. I am easy going and very patient. I am easy to talk to and make friends easy. I love to cuddle kiss and snuggle. I am a very hard to find guy I am told. Not many people have the attributes of all the love and nice things in the world the way I do. I look at the world the way most people don’t I seem to look at the good in every bad situation. I look at the whole picture before I make a decision. I speak my mind and I love to talk. I am not afraid to so my affection. I make mistakes in life but I learn from them. Very seldom do I ever repeat my mistakes to anyone. Little things can make me giddy as a school boy. I can laugh and things that other people don’t find funny. I can also be serious at times. I don’t always catch a joke and I don’t find things funny like other people. I am very laid back person. I try to make life fun and enjoyable. I put 110% in to any relationship I have. I am someone who tends to wear their heart on the shoulders and can get hurt easily at times. I can cry at little things. I do have a stern side to me when I need to be. I love taking care of the person I am with as well as they take care of me. I believe in 50/50 for most things and love to talk out problems and find solutions. You won’t find a better man then me. Straight men help me and women love me. Most straight men wish they were like me. I may not have a perfect body and be a model but that is because I am my own person and not superficial. I have a huge heart. I don’t smoke, or do drugs. I drink very minimal but when I do get buzzed I am an extremely funny person. I am not afraid to contribute to the household or help out. I am not rich but I am not poor. I have been taken granted in the past and my heart had been broken many times. I don’t have any hatred towards any of my ex boyfriends we just did not fit together. I am the guy that if you and when you took me home to mom they would fall in love with me instantly. I have that twinkle in my eye and when I smile the world just seems to be at peace. I am passive in the bedroom. I never make a first move but not afraid to flirt to show I am interested. My guy will be more than a lover he will be my best friend. He should be genuine in every way and everything he does. He will always have a smile and enjoys bringing fun and enjoyment to other people’s lives. He should be smart and witty. My lover is someone that can be serious at times but not so serious as to stress out. Someone who is not always angry or looks at the world like it is full of bad people. The man I am hoping to find never hurts other people feelings on purpose or because it makes him feel good. The man I am with should not call other people names. He should treat his partner well both in bedroom and out of the bedroom. My lover will like to spend time with and want to spend time with me but also enjoys his privacy as well. He will be local. He should be average on looks. He can have love handles. Not looking for a model but won’t complain if he is. I am attracted to mostly people of my same race. I don’t like guys that tend to be all about themselves and don’t care about anyone. I tend attracted to guys who are true romantics not wannabes. My man should also be an old fashion kind of guy. My match should be someone who would ask me out on date and want to spend time with me. I have a tendency for guys that are hairy and average. My match is someone who likes to have friends over once in a while but not all the time. My man should want to get married on down the road too. He shouldn’t smoke, do drugs, or be an alcoholic. He should be around my age to mid 40’s but will consider anyone who is a good match with a good heart. He should have any animals as I have a very mild reaction to them. My match should be a well rounded and very nice guy who is looking for someone to spend life with not roll in the hay. Hugs and kisses to you all
Lewisville Texas

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