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I am a smoker. I know for some it is a deal breaker, so if you are looking for a non-smoker, please read no further. I understand and respect everyone’s position on smoking. Please take my meager attempt with humor for my profile as it humor really is who I am. There are many profiles that are “serious”, which I appreciate, but to get to know me is to know my sense of humor. So with regards to must be/haves, deal breakers, etc. here is my 1 must be/have. Must be breathing. Anything after that is a bonus. After 56 years of partnership, my right hand has given me permission to see other people. Needless to say, he isn’t very happy but says he understands. I say he, but never checked his “underside.” Would freak if I found out he was a she and I have been lying to myself all my life about my sexuality……………That would suck the big one…………………….. I am 56 yr old so I was brought up in the “good old days.” I am an honest, polite, respectful, [will the adjectives every end ] and caring guy. I am 5’6”, 155-160 #’s [depending on dinner and snacks], green eyes, brown hair with a bit of grey on the temples, 32 waist and HIV- as of March, 2011. My profile says San Antonio but I actually live in Universal City, about 5 miles from Randolph A.F.B. I am looking to make friends, date and, goodness forbid, the ever elusive LTR. That being said, I am like a car salesman – Will not refuse [most] any reasonable offer. Moved back to SAT after being gone for more than 20 years [lived in Houston.] What a difference a couple of decades can make [in more ways than one. ] I enjoy home cooked meals and watching television, movies or good conversation. I do, however, enjoy a nice dinner out once in a while. My 3 favorite restaurants are [an obscure San Antonio treasure] Blanco Café, Texas Roadhouse and Luby’s [whenever I don’t know what I am hungry for.] My favorite night out is dinner and going to the Majestic Theater for a good Broadway musical [God I miss the theater district of Houston.] As with many of you, I never know what to put in a profile. TMI and some are saying, “Shut up already” and if you do not put in enough information, then people are like WTF? All this being said, if you are interested and would like more information, please feel free to contact me. No question is off limits. Just make sure you are prepared for the possible answer. Remember, I am 55 years old and have had many “experiences.” In case you can’t tell, I have a sick, warped, twisted sense of humor. It gets worse once I am comfortable with you. I am so “water off a duck’s back,” I have been hired by the Audobon Society to be the swim coach for goslings. [Pretty deep, huh?] My favorite words of endearment are babe, baby, sweetheart, papi, etc. Even though I am from Texas, not much of a “hun” guy. I have an opinion [on some things] but am not opinionated. About the only thing I don’t handle well is ignorance [and it comes in many forms.] I believe in democracy but not necessarily the 2 party system. I believe in the best person for the position and expect them to do what they say when the got elected. I lean democratic than republican [guess that makes me independent, duh ] and still trying to understand the Tea Party. Sarah Palin is attractive [from the eyes of a gay man – probably be drooling if I was a lesbian] but we need to get her on Who Wants to be a Millionaire so she can phone a friend or get help from the audience.  Can’t give her the option of taking out 2 of the 4 answers cause I am afraid she still might get it wrong [hope this doesn’t offend anyone.] Alright - serious for just a minute. Things I enjoy. Good conversations and debate [as long as it is open minded and respectful], grocery shopping, home cooked meals or something [preferrably dead and not previously run over a time a two] on the grill, sharing a beer or soda on the patio, my 4 dogs. Just the simple things in life.
San Antonio Texas

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