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califorya Male 26 Gay Silver Daddy
I am a sub boy looking for an older man to take me in as his own. I want to live and be loved. I am willing to relocate for a loving father. I would love to be daddy's little houseboy/son. I like sports, travel, road trips, music, books, comics, sex, porn, and dad :) i have a high sex drive, seemes like im always horny haha very affectionate. Like to go out but i can cuddle at home too. Really just depends on what dad wants to do. Sexually I like to bottom for my daddy, I have few limits, no blood, and not too much pain, a little is ok. Like light choking, spanking, pulling hair. Role-playing is super fun, don't mind age playing either. I love when my feet get daddy's attention, especially while he's pounding my little boy hole. But that's not a must. But Yea basically anything else, I'd be up to at least trying with or for my dad. Just ask, don't be shy :) I'm into a lot more kinky stuff too :) mild and romantic, to passionate and rough, or just mean and rough haha I just want to make my dad happy. I can be happy in a monogamous relationship with my dad but I also don't mind if he fucks other boys or guys or girls or whatever, I could even help bring them home daddy. I also don't mind being shared dad, or if you want to show me off. I honestly want to love and be loved. I don't need money to travel to you if it goes there, just throwing that out there haha. hope to hear from you soon dad
Pasadena California

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