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... visiting Istanbul.. Sept 16-18 ... visiting Rome and Naples.. Sept 18-22 ... visiting Puerto Vallata Oct 27-Nov 2 Very easy going, masculine, giving and love to laugh. Raised in San Francisco area, lived in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and now Dallas. At this point in my life, looking for a guy with humor, heart and personality.... don't require an Adonis Interested in chat, friends and maybe long term... someone to date or 'hang' with and/or cuddle, kiss and hold, of course more if the 'occasion' arises.... pretty much a bottom unless I'm having a good night... lol. Enjoy travel.. favorites any beach, Paris, NYC, London, Singapore, Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, Rio, Amalfi Coast and now Torremolinos and Copenhagen. Would be interested in finding guys who want vacation buddy. And for those looking for a Latino guy, sorry, my heritage is Danish, Norweigen, French and Scottish... Would like to meet you for a coffee, lunch or a drink.... see if we enjoy each other's company...
Rowlett Texas

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