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I'm in a long-term relationship but
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I'm in a long-term relationship but after so many years, the spark is gone. No sex, ever. Though I still appreciate him it seems like we've pretty much neutered each other by expecting monogamy. I'm looking for a younger man who would love a big, hairy guy like me. I need a man who can express his feelings. Someone with spark, personality and ambition who loves to travel, remodel and garden. Along with personal and financial respon sibility, please want a little adventure in life. Need someone who would love me, take care of me, cook for me sometimes, and do a little wash and fold for me. In return, he gets some income (I'm not a sugar daddy, don't want to be and would not respect anyone who would sit around and live off someone else). I can cook and clean myself, but wouldn't it be nice to have someone who knows how to cook and know when the bathroom needs attention? Hire a maid of you want. In other words, a man who can do his part. Need someone who is at peace with who he is, and is out to his family and employer. Please be cute and smaller than me. You don't have to be a muscle boy, but not fat. And of course you'll need to enjoy sex with older, hairy bears. IF YOU'RE IN KOPENHAGEN, ROME OR MEXICO CITY, LISTEN UP: I'VE BEEN THOSE PLACES - THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL AND FULL OF GREAT PEOPLE, AND INTERNATIONAL LOVE IS A SWEET, ROMANTIC THOUGHT - BUT IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. So, if you live in the Austin, Texas or greater central Texas area, let's talk. Thanks, boys.
Austin Texas

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