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'Oh boy! I knew with Jesus
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'Oh boy! I knew with Jesus and Black Magic on my side, I couldn't go wrong!' I'm obsessed with Tim Burton and Tina Fey and I'm currently working on a plan to have a love child with one of the two. I will not be denied! My entire life, I was groomed by my family to one day work for Disney as an Animator (originally an Animation major) but after two years of college, I realized film and television were my passions so I gave all my family members back in San Antonio, Texas slight aneurysms when I told them I was moving to L.A. to attend film school. Ever since then, I've been working within the film and tv industry. I'm the product of a single mother and an alcoholic/drug addicted father. Good start, huh?! I have one younger sister who I adore...the little dullard. My mother is by far the strongest person I know. My grandparents are still alive and I love them dearly so every Sunday after I call them, I stress out about the fact that soon, they won't be. I'm trying to become more spiritual, you know. I fear the Reaper. I'm quite aware of how twisted and blunt I come off at times and in truth, I've learned to just accept that about myself. It would be fantastic if I could meet a guy who's as equally twisted as I am. In addition, I'd like to meet a guy who's good looking, funny, level headed and humble. A guy who's ambitious, intellectually curious, affectionate toward his loved ones and has a appreciation for family values. A guy who wants to go out and travel the world but appreciates the idea of a home life. A guy who is there for you when you're sick or frustrated from a crappy day at work and who expects the same in return. But mostly, I want to meet a guy who values loyalty and the importance of what is truly right in this world above all things...that or he can just have a big dong. ;)
Los Angeles California

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