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I am looking for a man for serious long term relationship
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coffeefortwo Male 25 Gay Relationship
I am a nice slender young man who is looking for a man to treat me good. To build a serious long term relationship with, To have fun with, make me laugh, and give me what I want. I have a long high sex drive. I am Mostly Top and am seeking a bottom man with imagination who always come up with something new in bed and always ready to try new positions, techniques with sense of humor and mindful of ideas on how we spend moment together in bed. I love having deep conversations and I don't like wasting my time! I'm spoiled so I need someone special to be there for me! I also love to eat, drink and fishing, camping, movies, swim and I DO NOT DO DRUGS!!!! I ALSO DO NOT LIKE OBSESSIVE JERKS AND People TELLING ME WHAT TO DO! I KNOW MY WORTH AND I KNOW WHAT I DESERVE. And Someone that is serious about long term relationship is what I deserve. Most of all I'm looking for someone that can be my lover, best friend and have my back through it all.
Syracuse New York

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