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I am Soldier Cosman ,born in the US,never known my mum,i only lived with my dad.My dad also never told me about her,with the idea that i am too young to know about her.When i was 9 years old my dad left me to know one,he died.I knew not any relation of him,he had no family,i never knew any friend of his. Later somewhere in my struggle with life,i came across a very good man who intended giving me a helping hand ,he helped me establish a career. At the age of 23 i join the army train hard.I loved the job so very well and i appreciated everything he did for me ,so in returns of my appreciation,i fell in love with him.We got married,had a very wonderful life.I then traveled to Australia.I spent two years in Australia ,only to return back home to find out that my man is died.Hm mm very sad for me. am living with myself all alone in this misery,I am the most loneliest man ,you may be about to know . No family,its all about me myself.But i have not given up yet,a great day awaits me and i can sense it . I guess you have to know more about me.
Vacaville California

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