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Husky hairy bear type guy here, who's a fairly new nurse, RN, working at the local hospital, learning a lot and loveing what I do! Things I enjoy are the outdoors, camping, the beach, just about anything that allows me to enjoy the variety of outdoor areas in the beautiful state that I live in. I love the 'thrill of the hunt' in digging through thrift shops and garage sales, or poking around on Ebay. I'm a bit of a car guy, not enough to rebuild a classic Mustang in my garage, but enough to enjoy a good carshow, flipping through the latest issue of Car & Driver, or just checking out an interesting car parked next to mine in a parking lot. As far as hobbies go I enjoy growing succulent plants, and I collect old camping equipment, especially lanterns and other items. I'm actually open to several physical types, muscular, slender, even somewhat stocky/football player type. Guys will be 'evaluated' on a case by case basis, so don't be afraid to message me, lets see what happens K? As for the several locations listed in my profile, Santa Maria is home, but I have family and friends in the other listed cities so I am in those locations frequently.
Santa Maria California

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