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a regular guy here. if you are looking for Mr.Perfect move on please. adult enough to know where i'm and where i'm going to. I'm what i am and proud of it. Have been working on my personality for 35yrs now and like what i have. Happy to go with the flow as much as to take the lead and go for it BUT when and where required. not a pushy person. down to the earth guy with loads of interests including things which are not everybody's cup of tea like opera and latin language for instance. got some very good friends but new cummers always welcum ;) not into cyber so don't ask me to take my cloths off in front of the webcam. if it happen it happens... usually horny and with very high sex drive and stamina. in despite of some people's assumptions, i use the upper head to think with and the bottom one for pleasure. i work very hard and play even harder(ask my lovers if in doubts) LOL sexually verst, 7 1/2-8' uncut, i go from vanilla to wild for seconds when there is a reason but always safe and sane(sometimes not THAT much, sometimes with PPE which stands for personal protection equipment understand condoms not hard hat and safety boots.. thats sexy as well and happens now and then but a jonny always on). i usually go for big hairy blokes with verst/passive inclinations but top/dom hung dads always welcum. kinky is a plus. if you are having thick cock and hanging big balls even better. not a big fan of the length tho. not looking for sugar daddies due to the fact it is not good for my health. was told i could become diabetic if lick too much sugar... and i love giving and receiving oral ;) love to travel, visit new places, meet new people. got couple of properties abroad so if u want to visit and stay there with or without me give us a shout. thanks for spending your time reading my profile. now, if you feel too bored then off u go for a pint ;) for these who want to drop me a line cheerio p.s. life is too short to take it too serious but lets don't forget that there is always tomorrow and we can't get rid of our past...
London United Kingdom

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