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I am looking for a man who is honest and down to earth for a long term relationship
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cubboy4dad Male 31 Gay Relationship
First of all i am looking to meet someone for a fun and great times and getting to know each other and build towards a long term relationship Also I am looking for a man who is honest and down to earth and would give things ago like working together to get what we both wanted in life Also I feel that life is too short And that you need to be with someone that you really get on with and share the same interest in life I love going for walks, and love to drive my little car around.I wouldn't mind sitting on a beach when the suns setting with my lover.I like to be romantic whenever I can.I'm the kind of guy that will stick by your decisions even if I know there not the right ones.In my spare time I like to honestly draw cars, and if I'm not by a paper and pencil,I like to drive around.or day at the beach,wildlife,and seeing things grow like seeds and planting things , best that I stop now before I bore you :) Hi I am not going to put much more down for a description as I think that? We all look for the same things in life the right person to share one's life with'
Los Angeles California

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