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dad4slimson Male 55 Gay Twink Boy
how are you? I am a tall male I am attracted to sweet and affectionate young guys the slimmer and smoother the better . I love Asian guys and native guys I am looking for a big brother little brother type of relationship or father son so you need to be younger than me I will expect you to be honest sincere and looking for someone to actually care for you and treat you like a little sweetheart, take you out for fun whatever that may be , spoil you rotten when you are a sweetie and take you over my knee and spank you if you are a bad boy. I am a guitar player in a band I am a biker I like to smoke weed and enjoy a cold beer I am very masculine and good natured I love to give a guy a spanking if he is a bad boy and then make love to him all night long so if you want to chat you know what to do naughty boy biker Dave
vancouver British Columbia

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