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Looking for my son
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daddyderek Male 56 Gay Twink Boy
My name is Derek. I am looking for a young man to take under my wing and sheets. I am 49yrs old with a charming personality, and devilish good looks. I enjoy the finer things in life, such as smiling, laughing, snuggling, fulfilling thought provoking conversation. I have passed the dramatic point in my life of lavish parties and senseless crying over spilled milk, however i do still enjoy taking fun nights out on the town and filling the days and nights with new experiences. I feel as though i am missing the excitement out of life. That it is passing me by doing the same old same old. I want to gain that excitement back by spending it with some one who shares the same interests and ideals as me. I, as any human, want to feel wanted, and need to be needed. I dont want to just be your saturday night stand, i want to be your monday-Sunday stand. I want to wake up in the morning and fall in love with you all over again. I DESIRE this challenge and will meet it with open arms and a smile every time. Dating isn't just about falling into a routine with me, its about chasing each other every day, learning something new, understanding each other, supporting each other, and most importantly loving each other. I'm not looking for just another lover, but i'm looking to fall in love with my best friend. So come explore this life with me and lets take this exciting adventure together!
Huntsville Alabama

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