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Hello, I am safe and sane,
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daddys_schoolboy Male 40 Gay Bear Dad
Hello, I am safe and sane, living in Cambridge UK. Currently looking to move home here in Cambridge and would like to rent a room from a Landlord who may want a live in boy, or share a hosue/flat with a Dad, or another prospective son. If genuine, please get in contact. I can provide references, am clean and tid, always do my chores about the house and pay my bills on time. ---> Handsome boy for a blue collar or white collar Daddy ( parhaps Daddies ? ). Enjoy Roleplay, being Daddys schoolboy, formal wear, spanking fun etc. Self sufficient and sane, hate 'the scene', am straight through and through. Am open to NSF or LTR. Feel free to contact me for a chat.
Cambridge United Kingdom

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