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daddywanted007 Male 34 Gay Friends
Just a regular Asian guy, looking for his daddy. No hang ups on age, or race, and though I've always desired to be someone's son, I'm open to other things. This is the first time I've been on a site like this, so far I haven't quite developed what I want yet. I'm pretty open to talking, chatting with new people, and maybe meeting in person should things be right. Yes, I didn't have a father/older male model in my life, so you can say that I'm searching for it. Sexually I can be anywhere between submissive vanilla, to 'I am open to anything dad wants as long as it's not too painful'. Also into dad/son roleplay. Romantically, I think I'm a complicated person, as anyone is and should be. We all have our battle stories with love and family, but it doesn't define our present nor our future. Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers!
Sacramento California

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