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New to this, but finally ready to accept what I want...
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dancerboy87 Male 33 Gay Relationship
Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to look at me. I've just finished school at a University I really loved and am now figuring out what my life can be from here. This includes who I want in that life. It has been a long journey for me to realize that as independent as I like to consider myself, nothing comforts me more than someone looking out for me. I have a lot of bad student habits to break. My room is a perennial mess and I have been neglecting the gym for way too long. If you think you can get me straightened out, that'd be great :P I want a relationship that's a trade. Guidance for obediance, safety for comfort, love for love. Also a huge fan of wrestling around and seeing what colour my rear turns under the right hand. I hope you see someone you'd like to befriend, and hopefully something more. Feel free to say hello, no matter who you are that I will always try and answer. Nice to meet you, sir. :)
Sackville New Brunswick

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