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Looking for a long lost son
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dneirfnew Male 56 Bisexual Smooth Boy
I'm a pretty simple down to earth kind of guy who would like to find someone who would like to hang out, talk and have some fun. I know in this day and age it is good to find someone who is just willing to listen and who can understand when you might think no one else can. Also everyone needs a good hug from time to time and that is one of my specialties. People tell me I'm a great listener. I would like to find a good friend or a soul mate to help me spend quality time I found I like local history - something I can see and touch. I like local stories. I am big into historical preservation and am in the process of restoring a 111 year old farm house where I live. A strange side of me is I like ghost stories and exploring haunted places. When I'm by myself I'm a chicken but when I'm with someone I'll take on that spook single handed. I am writing two books on the same subject.. I am a sensitive guy who gets along better with someone younger than myself.. For the past seven years all of my friends have been in their early 20�s. I guess you could say I have a weakness for younger guys. I find myself doing anything I can for them kind of like a father figure. I live in a big farm house and it gets very lonely so I am open to a LTR or roommate who can help around the house. I am not into a lot of games. Just me and I like to take care of young guys and make them feel like they are the king of the world I'm just looking for someone to hang out with, be able to talk openly with and maybe more. Lets just chat and maybe get together and hang out. What do you have to loose?
Carrollton Illinois

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