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Masculine (ex military!) submissive bottom boi
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doitnowplz123 Male 51 Bisexual Bear Dad
Masculine (ex military!) but quiet and submissive total bottom for bigger than average dicked masculine top man ... when we're together i'll be craving continuous touching holding caressing groping squeezing rubbing smelling tasting licking kissing sucking and fucking ... now which way all that goes is up to you (except the fucking lol)... it can be all mutual or just me giving you attention or the other way around :) i'm a very horny giving sensitive sexual lover and need a man who can't get enough of my full lips and hiney :) please be bigger and taller than me and > 40 with a bigger than average cock and ddf ... poppers are cool :) i'm not femme but i'll definitely be the 'girl' in the relationship :) i'm not into i do you you do me ... this is mental and spiritual where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts... i'm also adventurous and open to kink lol ... i love giving rubdowns too ... and sucking your cock while you talk to your friends or watch sports or porn... please baby... austin only, and preferably north or north west where i live so i can come by often ... i am on the DL so this will have to be a secret (but very passionate) affair ... i must have lots of sex most but am open to getting emotional if/when we click ... i do find myself having feelings for a man that fucks me well...i can be monogamous ... you're in control of all that of course :) i mold myself to my man so if you're kinky or vanilla that's great for me ... if it makes you want to fuck me i'm for it :) in fact i don't want to cum that much ... i like staying horny ... but i do cum really fast and hard and long when i do :) i'd enjoying dating first if you like ... though it would have to be somewhere we can talk dirty lol :) i look forward to hearing from you!
Austin Texas

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