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Silver Fox looking for a special mate-and that's just the begining
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domhndsm4ygr Male 76 Gay Smooth Boy
I'm 6'5', silver fox type. Very passionate handsome, sexual,sensual and nice, ex NYC executive now retired, with a great sense of humor, casual style, no attitude. I a single and I love kissing, holding and sex. I am a hiv- top versatile guy and like slim, smooth or muscular younger guys. If you like a truly masculine man who is smart, worldly, a good friend and great lover and enjoys life. Always safe,sane. My Hobbies and Interests Friendships, travel, outdoors and the environment, entertainment, music, cooking, world news,business,seeking happiness and a spiritual life. Humor has to be a part of my life. I can be playful, casual, experimental and deeply emotional with trusting guys who are willing to open up, bare their needs. HIV/STD neg. Voyeur,sexually creative and verbal. Fulfilling, trusting, honest, LTR possible for the right chemistry needs and desires.
Palm Springs California

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