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donnie20 Male 33 Gay Relationship
What can I say; I want LTR, not much else. I am very sexual, but only with my partner. I am very loving and prefer my partner to be the same. Sensual, caring, carrassing sex is amazing, but don't get me wrong; An amazing night after a long night together is always welcome. I enjoy spending time with my partner; All our time. Making one life combine with the others, and helping each other grow together. I prefer mature people, and healthy people. For a job I do computer repair; I own my own shop so location isn't important to me cause I can move. For fun I enjoy sitting inside watching a movie or just cuddling, but I love the outdoors; Don't get to do much on the water besides sit by it at the beach ~ Always wanted to go boating and fishing but never had anyone to teach me. Sexually I am completely vers; I can be a dom top, a sub button, or a switch hitter; I get off by my partner getting off. My partner moaning, and shouting in ecstasy is better then anything I could ever feel. If there is anything else you want to ask feel free; I am a basic member for now; Cancelled my premium membership long ago, but if ya wanna email me on this site, or send me a message with your email I will gladly reply. :) I'm always looking for friends as well; Don't have to plan to marry someone to talk to them.
Kennesaw Georgia
Pensacola Florida

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