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I'm just an ordinary Chinese gay
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endy Male 41 Gay Relationship
I'm just an ordinary Chinese gay guy looking for true love. When I love a man, I will love him totally, along with his flaws. I can turn things I dislike in my bf into something that I like. That's the real power of LOVE! I'm a true romantic guy in spirit but I also have wild sexual side. I love sex, yes. I love porn, too. I write some gay sex stories. BUT unlike most men, I keep my sexual side to myself. I dislike having one-night-stands. Sex only feels good when u do it with your lover. Many GWM I met online drop me like a hot potato once they learned I'm far in south east Asia. While few GWM who said they would love me and want2come turned out to be total liars or scammers. Honestly, I almost give up! But I try to keep the faith albeit small.
Jakarta Indonesia

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