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fbear Male 78 Gay Chasers
I am a discreet MWM who loves to please. Like to get to know you and see what happens. Try reaching me sometime. I am a nice, intelligent, sophisticated guy with a good sense of humor and good friend tendencies. Contact me. Mention in the subject and leave your profile number, please. You won't be disappointed. I have made some fun contacts here and some friends as well. But if you get mail and are not interested, please have the courtesy to send a reply(automatic) to say so. Too bad so many people have 'type' issues. If I had let that bother me, even when I was at the age to limit myself to 'types,' I would have mised out on some good friendships and some GREAT sex! I am amazed at the number of 'bois' on here in their 40s (hardly Silver daddies) who are looking for much younger. Too bad. Have a look in the mirror and stretch yourselves or maybe enroll on a site that is more to your age preferences. And the 30 somethings looking for 20 somethings REALLY need to go elsewhere. I MIGHT BE THE OLDEST RIDE IN THE PARK, BUT I STILL GOT THE LONGEST LINE!
St Louis Missouri

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