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Looking for a sexy man with sexy feet!
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feetfirst Male 56 Gay Relationship
Survived turning 40 and now settling into it nicely (friends say I look several years younger - and friends never lie, do they?) and wanting to celebrate with a new man. Looking for an older man with a young heart or a younger man with an older soul. If he's a little hairy and has sexy feet, so much the better. I have a fetish for feet and underwear and would like to explore these with a great guy. Ultimately looking for LTR, I would like to think that this next year will be the year that I settle down with the guy that makes my knees weak, my heart stop, and my tongue hang out. If this sounds like you, please email me. I reside in Toronto but travel frequently, especially to southern Florida (my second home). Thanks for checking me out - hope to hear from you soon.
Toronto and Ft Lauderdale Ontario

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