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loving discipline provided to young fit man
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flagstaffazdad Male 69 Gay Smooth Boy
Light athletic frame, fit dad, looking for a young man who wants to bottom and receive loving discipline, massages, and serious attention. Hairy, but I trim my body hair, and prefer fairly smooth, boyish looks from my sub. You must be willing to trade private email and pics before meeting. Open to young men just experimenting, but looking for a steady relationship. Whether you live in Arizona, or are just visiting the Grand Canyon or enjoying other adventures, feel free to hit me up. If you like the outdoors, Native American and other tribal cultures, sharing artistic activities, or making a difference in your community, then we have things in common. IMPORTANT: Also extremely open to a young dom/top who wants to own my ass. From bootlicking and ass kissing, to aggressive play-rape scenes, i love to be dominated and fucked by a fit young man.
Kingman Arizona

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