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I am looking for a serious long term relationship.
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funguyinamerica Male 26 Gay Relationship
I am interested in a relationship on a long term basis with one man partner that I can relocate with to create a lovely family together. Family is first for me and I know that my goal is to be the best man for my future lover. I can say that I am a tender and positive person, bright and smiling. I am very romantic, I am kind, easy-going and passionate, I want to find my half here and create a family. I dream to be the sun for my man, to give him my warmth, support and love, wake him up in the morning with my smile plus a kiss and a cup of coffee. Does it sound nice? I want to lose my head because of love to my man, I want my man to be happy with me and love me too. I dream to find my half soon and who knows maybe he is reading this note right now. One of my interests is to enjoy every day and every moment of my life and try to make life of my close people more brighter and happy. I want to be always interesting, handsome and important for my loving man, so my interests in life are closely connected with these moments. Will you share with me your main interests? Maybe soon I will become your main interest?
Liverpool New York

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