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gwm Male 63 Gay Relationship
Janesville WI hard worker, ambitious, determined, like younger minded guys. Monogamous. (Not sexually driven.) My hobby is making it though a days work, coming home, relaxing and getting ready for another day..., I am seeking ONLY a long term relationship!! The shortest of the 3 relationships that I have had is FOUR YEARS. NO HOOKUPS. PERIOD. I have had three relationships. The first lasting for 6 yrs., I was too immature then. The second after year 5 I got a call from the jail - he was arrested for solicitation at a local rest area. I said bye then. The third. My heart may never heal. You: age 18 to 30, thin, and clean. Willing to work. Wanting to work. I am no 'Sugar Dad'. However if I were to fall in love with you I will die for you. If you have nude pics in your profile I will have some problems believing that you are sincere!
Janesville Wisconsin

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