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Hairy, tattooed, english/italian,5ft7,70kg, . A
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hairyitalian Male 48 Gay Bear Dad
Hairy, tattooed, english/italian,5ft7,70kg, . A Fun-loving, easy-going person.I never regret things in life. Open minded, have no time for bull or pretentiousness, life is just too short. I can be serious when needed - but also enjoy life - good conversation - love to laugh - - not pretentious - not plastic - I accept people the way they are... looking for a lifemate, with no bull. Someone I can trust and believe in. Someone with a good sense of humour, Integrity, honesty people who have no problem being themselves and to share the friendship they have. I will be loyal friends, and expect the same. Mutual understanding, patience and respect is essential in any relationship or friendship...... The list could be endless all I can say is if you are true to yourself then thats all that matters. Nobody is perfect but trying to be something your not doesn`t help. Just be a happy person. People that can be honest
Sunderland United Kingdom

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