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hardascandy Male 55 Bisexual Twink Boy
It would be great to have crazy sexy new things to say here, but I don't. If you're sitting with cock in hand, ready for a bone-tastic story and a sticky payoff, stop reading now. This isn't the one. Not today. I'm here. I'm breathing and dreaming and trying to figure out what to have for dinner, and beneath it all I'm wishing someone was here with me. Maybe someone like you (still reading this far), maybe not. But someone. Oh, never fear, I didn't join this site to find my forever love, it was late, I was horny, I was looking for a hook up like the wicked majority, and I appreciate that we have an outlet for that. I love a hot one-off with a willing guy. But I gotta say, I'm starting to worry that typing and winking and inviting and hot-listing are taking the place of connecting with you. With real people. Damn, I'd love to close this laptop and see someone in front of me who is flesh and hair and heat. Let's go for lunch, let's walk between some trees, and squeeze through a doorway. Let me watch you wash your hands and see how you chew your food. Sit across from me and let me hear the cadence of your voice, give me your language without the 'lol's' and 'brb's' and smiley faces. And, more than anything, let me make you laugh. There are so many things about me that you won't get from your screen. Three cheesy pictures don't give you my voice. I'm quick. Quick witted, it's what most of my friends point to first about me. My profile doesn't exactly look you straight in the eye and give you the sort of attention that I give everyone I sit down with. And I could tell you how giving I am in bed (or the shower, or the kitchen floor, or the elevator), but that doesn't show you the smiles or arched backs or contented moans of the men who've been there with me. And, even more importantly, sitting here with only my laptop to warm my lap, I don't get to find out any of those things about you. I know you have qualities that go beyond your profile. And whether it's for a single day, or more days than we can count, those are the qualities I'd like to share, like to experience. I don't think I can be the only guy here who feels that way, but I'm here. And, apparently, so are you. Hmm? Well, he has to be filthy gorgeous, wickedly addictive, devilishly charming, infinitely interesting and oh, i almost forgot, deliciously tasty ;-). But seriously now: I am looking for a guy who can make me laugh and whom I can make laugh. This planet could use more laughter. I like meeting people who are confident, but not cocky, who have strong work ethic and passion, and who enjoy deep conversations. I value friendships that are built on a foundation of honesty, mutual respect, compassion, and who can be a shoulder to lean on from time to time. You'll get the same from me. I run in the opposite direction from unnecessary drama. Never lie. Friends should be honest with themselves and others and I am a good listener. Often, I am better at giving friends advice than I am at taking my own advice, so be prepared to return the favor. Most of all, looking for friends with common interests, so read all about me before sending a flirt.
Belleville Illinois

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