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Fit, toned Dad looking for hot, young sons
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healerdaddy Male 79 Gay Fuck Buddy
Looking for younger guys who are into older 'dads,' but even that is up for negotiation. Life is just too amazing to fit into easy boxes!.. What I really like is a hunky man who knows how to handle his sexuality with Pride and Style. Before I get into the sort of men I am attracted to, let me talk about guys I definitely do NOT want to get involved with. I am sorry to disappoint the 'politically correct' in the group, but I must say that I am NOT at all attracted to PEOPLE OF COLOUR. This mean NO AFRICANS, NO PHILIPPINOS, NO INDIANS, NO CHINESE. However, like most rules there are exceptions: I do like American Blacks, Indigenous Americans and Japanese, for example. I am NOT into effeminate boys, drag queens, fat guys or far-out types. Any of you who fall into this EXCLUSION CATEGORY should NOT contact me. Sorry, but this is just the way I am 'wired.' AND I do not have time for PENPALS. If you want to practice your English, find someone at home for your self-help program. Now that I have dealt with all the nasty stuff, let me tell you what I really like in a man. Guys with an interest in sexy & sensuous times, that can include all sorts of action from hot & heavy to dreamy romantic are invited to get to know me. However, if you want to ask about specifics for sex (such as 'what are you into?'), I have to say 'forget it.' To me, it is all about the chemistry and THE MAN. Whatever happens from there is special and cannot be put on a shopping list; people just do not function that way in my book. Most of all, I love a sensuous encounter that is NOT one-sided. And finally, if you are not POZ-friendly, just forget about the genuine pleasure you will have by meeting up with me! I have been POZ for nearly 30 years and never been ill. I also have serious issues with guys who are less than open and honest about this stuff, but do not mind fucking their brains out 'with their eyes closed to reality.' Enough sermon! Bring on the good times!!
Sydney Australia

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