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hmdash Male 32 Gay Friends
Looking to connect with an older guy. I won't rule out an ltr but that's not my top priority; I'd like to stay unmoored for a while longer. I'm pretty reserved but I'd love to hear from any interested parties. I like movies, hiking, burying myself in absurdly narrow non-fiction books. I dislike clubs, bars, the gay scene. I like eating out (and in). I dislike the theater (mostly). I like mature men, as in not looking for a younger guy out of an arrested development thing. I don't like persistent domination, D/s, whatever. Sometimes it's fun in bed, but as a going theme it would get exhausting. I'm a recovering art student, and while I haven't made any work for a while thanks to a need to get my head on straight, that's where my life is pointing now. Hopefully. If you send me a message and don't hear back, don't take it the wrong way: my time gets stretched pretty thin, and I'll try to respond, but 'try' is the key word there.
Norfolk Virginia

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