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Like skinny guys? Look no further! Seeking younger or older.
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hotbutton47 Male 73 Gay Dating
If you have a fetish for skinny dudes, I'm your guy. I'm skin, bones, and tattoos. I love to be touched and played with, from top to toe. I especially like to have my firm, fuzzy little belly rubbed, licked. If you like to touch/get touched all over, we're a match. Like guys close to me in age, give or take 50 years. Not into articular looks, body parts, or sex acts. Just like to meet a nice guy (poz or neg; I'm poz) for fun and affection. If you're looking for a big cock or a monogamous relationship, don't bother me. Guys with erectile dysfunction welcome. I'd also like to get together with another bottom to try out my new double-header dong. Sorry, can't host.
Los Angeles California

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