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Hi everyone!
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iadrian Male 30 Gay Friends
Not only do I have a charitable soul, a loving heart with faith, I am honest, open- minded, communicative, and a little wistful. Sadly, I get angry easily, but it quickly passes. I am an inventive spirit, I have study skills, skill and taste for art in general. I'm attached to my passions, but always expect them to change.I'm gentle, kind, sociable and have a natural talent in moderate some conflict situations. I do not like fights, or anything involving physical tension and I always seek to allay such circumstances tactfully discordant with my temper. I consider myself an optimistic guy, I believe that any glass that is half empty is half full. I put much soul in everything that I do, when I love, I love intense, honest and pure. I am a honest and inteligent guy, I do not want to consider myself a dreamer but sometimes this word characterize me. I like small words, simple things but with high impact. I am a man of society, kind and courteous, with a deep sense of justice but above all, I am a romantic but I like men a little mysterious. I think that my qualities are intelligent, diplomatic, eloquent, versatile and spontaneous, I have tact, common sense and I consider myself clever, cheerful, enthusiastic. My defect is that sometimes I can be superficial, vague, cynical and hesitant, sometimes I make too many compromises for the person I love and I can be selfish sometimes if it's about people I care about.
Cluj Romania

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