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iadrian Male 29 Gay Friends
Not only do I have a charitable soul, a loving heart with faith, I am honest, open- minded, communicative, and a little wistful. Sadly, I get angry easily, but it quickly passes. I am an inventive spirit, I have study skills, skill and taste for art in general. I'm attached to my passions, but always expect them to change.I'm gentle, kind, sociable and have a natural talent in moderate some conflict situations. I do not like fights, or anything involving physical tension and I always seek to allay such circumstances tactfully discordant with my temper. I consider myself an optimistic guy, I believe that any glass that is half empty is half full. I put much soul in everything that I do, when I love, I love intense, honest and pure. I am a honest and inteligent guy, I do not want to consider myself a dreamer but sometimes this word characterize me. I like small words, simple things but with high impact. I am a refined guy, an interesting mix of wit and sensitivity. One half of me is sensual and sentimental, the other half is ruled by rationality. I am a man of society, kind and courteous, with a deep sense of justice, of equity and 'fair play' activity. But above all, I am a romantic, my romance is that of champagne, waltz and moonlight. I like men a little mysterious. I think that my qualities are intelligent, diplomatic, eloquent, versatile and spontaneous, I have tact, common sense and I consider myself clever, cheerful, enthusiastic. My defect is that sometimes I can be superficial, vague, cynical and hesitant, sometimes I make too many compromises for the person I love and I can be selfish sometimes if it's about people I care about. I recently founded an NGO in my country, Romania, which occupy vast areas of activity, such as supporting people with disabilities, homeless people, orphans, supporting artists, support for education and health. Also we fight for our rights as gay men. Romania, along with Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro and Ukraine, not only did not grant any civil right of persons belonging to the LGBT community, but even stipulated in the Civil Code that marriage may be concluded only between persons the opposite sex. In Romania, two-thirds of gays hide their sexual orientation, to minimize discrimination and violence. A Eurobarometer survey on discrimination in Europe, conducted in 2015 shows that LGBT people are most discriminated group in Romania. According to the same survey, 31% of Romanian believe that LGBT people should have the same rights as heterosexual people, which is a problem with education system.
Cluj Romania

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