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I'm a nice singe man looking for new MALE friends and more!
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imagineflow334 Male 31 Gay Relationship
I am a medium height with a slim build. I enjoy music, dining out, sports, and watching movies. I surround myself with family and friends. I have a wonderful sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. I'm really looking for a serious relationship, romantic things, someone who will be near me and feel emotional support. I'm waiting for you.. I don't really like to be alone, this is the real suffering for me to be alone. I wish to find such person who will understand me and always be near me. I want protection from him so I feel safe. And I can give you the same. The active partner is necessary to me, but also I can be active. This depends on my mood. Is more often I turn out passive. I love clean men, naked. I am not fastidious in sex, and I have many not mastered positions and systems.
Baltimore Maryland

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