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I am Aries. I am Fire. I am the Sun. I fly high and run fast. I am recovering as best I can without health ins from a very severe injury. I have a double ruptured disk. Have only regained the ability to walk without a cane in the last 9 months and have begun a quest to transform myself in mind, body, and spirit. The docs condemned me to paralysis and I reached in and decided to change my entire life and reject their ignorant sentence. I've moved far away from a place I think of as home (San Francisco) to focus on my weight loss, building muscle, working out, strengthening my body, regaining my limberness and flexibility, and learning to do yoga, meditation, and self hypnosis- also hypnosis for others of you lucky fellas who prove your worth to me. Basically, I am being in transition. I am very vulnerable and often in a lot of pain. I sort of wish all the time that I had someone around who would want to help me. Someone who would massage my tired weary body as I drift in and out of consciousness. Someone who would help me stay motivated and inspired to keep hitting the gym for the 3 to 5 hrs a day that I need to keep improving my health. I used to not be able to put my own socks and shoes on-but the last 9 months I've made incredible gains and defied all the medical doctors. I can not only walk again- but I can move pretty well now- a stranger would never know that I've been injured or how hard I still struggle to keep inching forward. Some days are worse than others- much worse. Those days it would be nice to have someone there who is attracted to me who WANTS to touch me and make me feel better. Someone who wants to be open to that connection. Other days, I'm my full Aries self and I'm a dynamo. Right now I am a fallen star. Some think of me as a fallen angel. I don't honestly know where I fit into this community, but the thought of having a younger guy sort of want to help me out like this, appeals to me- but so does the thought of an older guy who knows what its all about and also feels the desire to be open to a relationship of this kind. So whatever- would be nice to meet a few of you guys whatever the relationship- I have several kinks that I'll share with guys that I'm attracted to or who I don't think will be scared off as the case may be-heh-but otherwise just looking to enjoy tender physical contact and just being intimate with one or more guys. so- drop a line-lets chat-lets try to get this off the virtual and into meeting in person-and if you give good massages-step to the front of the line as they say- ;) :D
Pahrump Nevada

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