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jamie22 Male 26 Gay Phone Sex
I'm currently in a relationship and just want to find a dad I can text on the side every now and then. Purely text relationship, never meet in person, no facial photos, but very sexual. I want to have a secret dad in my life who I can go to whenever I'm horny. I fantasize about having a dad who makes me wait stripped down and on my knees by the front door for him to get home from work and expects me to service his every sexual desire and emphasizes our father/son relationship. Someone very masculine who is commanding and will discipline me. Hopefully I'll find someone who will help me experience what I can of that through texts. To help it feel more realistic my dad would be white and on the chubby side. Before I give you my number I'd prefer it if you messaged me on this site so we can get to know each other a bit before.
Farmville Virginia

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