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jason21 Male 41 Gay Relationship
My name is Jason and I've been living in South Carolina for 4 years. But now I'm here in Venice FL. I was in a very bad physical and mental abuse gay relationship that broke up in May of 2007. I now have a very hard time trusting people, giving my heart. Most guys just want to have random meaningless sex. I been living in various places. I lost quiet a few things with people who I thought I could trust but took things, stole from me and hurt me. I want my own place with furniture and things. I would have had this, but I had to leave everything when I left my last relationship quickly. It was bad and nobody will know what it was like. If you are out there my true Love man please answer my prayers. I just need a caring and loving person to give to me, since I am all out of giving. It's been abused by my 'ex' and so called friends. I am looking for a man who understands that it is not the sex part or the money - it is the spiritual and connection part. Who ever gets what I'm saying in this message - you can e-mail me. I'm looking for a person who wants to have a long term relationship that understands love the right way. I am a sweet guy. Is there a man out there who is willing to meet a sweet caring young man. I am not like the others who bullshit, play games, lie, etc. I am hoping God will answer my prayers. If you want someone real please contact me. I'm willing to relocate if you like me and my bird 'Soulmate'. I live in CA but am really hoping to find someone who is my soulmate and will move for the right soulmate Also - If there is anybody who needs a 'COMPUTER REPAIRED' - I can do it for $40/hour. I can use the work since I'm out of work right now. Thank you and God Bless! I don't know if you can handle me because i have lots of issues with life in general and this sight SD. Men on here lately seem to be bullshitters,lyers, and flakes. I am not looking for love now just leaving it up to God. The type of man if there is one would have to except me in diapers and also enjoy playing doctor/dentist for real. The reason why I wear diapers fulltime is because it makes me feel safe and secure I do not wet them at all. But would like to find that special type to take care of his baby boy. I also at night time suck on my thumb or pacifier nad hold my teddy bear. I started wearing diapers again at 17 years old. Just like to be 3 years old inside but the outside world i can be mature acting just a roleplay or how ever you guys want to see it. HAVE YOU LOST INTEREST YET. If you are still here then maybe you are the answers to my prayers. I been praying on my bedside every night since being back here in los angeles CA for a miracle. I am very kind giving caring gentle touch sensual man. I do not want a sugardaddy I want only love true love. I feel i have been reincarnated back in the 1920's because i like old music back then like classic rock,jazz,classical,the wave on the radio, just good wholesome music:) Also like the older movies not into these movies in my generation. Whats happening to this world today. Also felt like my grandparents only truly loved me out of this whole family of mine because I feel like a outsider from these mitchells. Have 3 siblings my twin brother who does not talk to me and half sisters older older 40's who dont talk to me. So yes im a loner and guess God wants it that way untill he answers my prayer... Hope you will contact me at to let me know your still interested after me telling you all of that:) okay please tell me more about your self and your life
Los Angeles California
VENICE Florida

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