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Hi there. About me...??? i'm just an ordinary & a simple Indonesian guy who have job at Malaysia for now, & i love watch DVD/movie, internet, karaoke, shopping, & dine out for spend my free time. Anyway, i think already told everything on my profiles. But if u still want 2 know more... just email me & feel free ask directly to me OK. The important thing about me is i don't like lie & cheat to peoples. I'm looking for guy who honest, sincere, understanding, loyal, & looks nice certainly, so perfect qualification huh... :) The most important is not chubby & sissy. Basically i'm not choosy in friendship, but if you wanna got to know me just show up your real face pic OK. Cause i have to know with who i'm talking to & i don't like blind date either... Just drop me an email & let see how gonna be OK. ;)
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